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Chicago Small Business Meetup

Chicago, Illinois
Your Store’s Online Presence
Event Details
November 13th, 2012
6:30PM – 9:30PM


This is an event for Chicago Store owners. We’re tailoring the event so we cover topics critical to small retail store owners from the area. Please take a look at our event description below for more information.

Our events are meant to provide a networking opportunity for local business owners, while listening to a few guest speakers and enjoying free food. These events are only for business owners so we’ll review each person to make sure there are no solicitors.

Please don’t hesitate to share this event with other business owners. We’re just getting started so it’s a little difficult to get the word out without your help. We really appreciate any word of mouth you can offer.

Event Description

Today, one of the most important aspects of marketing your business is your online presence. Potential customers will visit your website, connect with your social media efforts and take a look at your online reviews before they even visit your store. Leveraging each of these points, you can gain new customers and retain existing ones to improve your bottom line. These three key pillars of your online presence will be covered at this event.

Our three speakers will be:

Store Website Design - Nick Stocking | Principal of Design Cloud
Nick Stocking is founder and principal of Design Cloud, LLC. Design Cloud is a creative launch pad. They are a collective of freelancers, or rather, design entrepreneurs, focused on web design, user experience, strategy and branding. Their studio studio doubles as a not-for-profit gallery and event space where this event will take place.

Nick also has over 15 years of experience in a wide range of large scale real estate development projects; including expert knowledge in acquisitions, design development, forward planning and strategy, sales and marketing, leasing, property management, and asset management.

Badger Group and Design Cloud benefit each other through expanded reach and resources within the fields of new media, real estate, design and the built environment.

Social Media Marketing – Michael Gaspar
Michael Gaspar is a brand-conscious social marketer. With consumers being such an integral part in a brand’s development, he strives for what will best suit both the business and the consumer. His objective is to collaborate with insight, creativity, and purpose.

Michael has extensive experience in social media marketing and has held several high level positions in this field. His experience, creativity and passion for this field allow him to excel.

Currently, Michael holds a position at a large non-profit healthcare company, HIMSS.

Online Reputation/Review Management – Tyler Bartholomew
Tyler has been working in web development and SEO for over 15 years. His experience gives him tremendous insight about online reputation management. Tyler’s creative approaches to common problems can help a business deal with many issues that can arise.

He is currently working at Loud Interactive, a Chicago firm with a great track record based in Chicago. They specialize in online marketing covering topics such as SEO, social media, reputation management, link building and paid search.

The scheduled itinerary is:

6:30PM | Networking
Food and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided free of charge. Alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase.

7:15PM | Guest Speakers
Each speaker will have 25 minutes to cover their respective topics with a 5 minute period for audience questions.

8:50PM | Short Discussion and Networking
Time to discuss the event with other business owners and ask further questions of the speakers on a one-on-one basis.

Please share our event with any business owner that would be interested. We appreciate the additional help you provide and are looking forward to seeing you on November 13th 2012! Make sure you get your tickets below before they sell out!


If you “Follow Us” on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook, you’ll receive a code from each service that will give you $5 off a “Regular” or “Last Minute” ticket when combined. We’ll give you more detailed instructions when you connect with us on either site.

Image source: Flickr – Out of Chicago

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